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pls i need help

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pls i need help

przez hamakude » Pn lip 07, 2014 7:43 am

Thnks to the owner and contributors of this site iv learnt css and html5 in a 3weeks...but i need help.i want to make a website that i can update every day without lossing the previous post..its actually a bible study class were a topic is bin shared online weekly and daily quote is shared too daily.i want my viewer to see 3month old post just in a click of a button...i dont knw how to do dat.i can do the markup and styling but i dont know how to retain the previous post if i want to add another one.pls help me..
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Re: pls i need help

przez Stoneface » Pn lip 07, 2014 8:38 am

Hello Hamakude,

In order to put and use these kind of submit buttons i can advise you to follow the PHP section. I'm very sure it will help you out and it makes your webpage effective. Can do lots of things with PHP, it's a great and not very difficult scripting to learn.

Best regards,

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