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przez cherry1981 » So sty 07, 2012 10:38 am

hey i would like to know how the code for linking one page to another from a subfolder
i am a beginner to this
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Re: links

przez atik » So sty 07, 2012 5:35 pm

Hi cherry1981,
To create links between pages you can use to kind of link address.
1. Permanent url.
2. Realative url.
But for practical use relative url is the best. So if the file is on the same folder as the file where you want to put the link then just put the file name as bellow,
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<a href="file.html">file</a>

if it is one folder up then you have to use ../ before the file name as bellow,
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<a href="../file.html">file</a>

if the file is in another folder which is located at the same place of your origianl file then you have to specify the folder name of the file as bellow,
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<a href="folder_name/file.html">file</a>

If you want to learn more about links just read this tutorial carefully and practice some more.
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