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How hard is it to learn HTML?

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How hard is it to learn HTML?

przez myhlhdde » Cz gru 08, 2011 8:02 pm

I wanted to start learning basic programming I know how to create sites in a blogspot or blogger platform as well as wordpress and obviously can use their content management systems as they are very user friendly for novices. Now I have a site that I am somewhat familar with that was built in .asp and wanted to start learning programming so I can make changes and build more sites so after all of my rambling why question is.

How hard is it with somebody with my basic computer background to learn .html and to make/program sites in it?
How long should it take?
What are the biggest obstacles of html?
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Re: How hard is it to learn HTML?

przez atik » N gru 11, 2011 12:38 pm

Hi myhlhdde,
At first, thanks to you, that you wanted to learn hard coding without using various automated system to create sites. By the way, learning html is really very easy. You don't have to learn every little thing in html to create sites. Just follow a tutorial like the and practice more and more. And while practicing if you get any problem just let us know.

Also for your concern, html is not a programming language, it is just the bone of your site which got the structure of the content. And css is the designing tool to make the look of your site as you wanted. Javascript is one of the most popular and useful programming language, but it can only be used on the client computer, if you want to perform program on server side or to create a dynamic site, php or asp is the must thing you have to learn.

So why are you waiting, get started and go through a tutorial. And practice, practice and practice hard.
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Re: How hard is it to learn HTML?

przez Mister_grey2010 » Śr sty 04, 2012 6:56 pm

it is not hard at all.
This site shows how to create your small website.
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Re: How hard is it to learn HTML?

przez lucymatt10 » Cz sty 12, 2012 1:51 pm

It's not hard as it seems. Keep patience and never ending thirst for learning. :) Soon, you'll master the basics, stick to basics, all about handling html tags. I develop my current news stories blog using HTML!
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Re: How hard is it to learn HTML?

przez natnou » Pt sty 27, 2012 2:10 am

Learning basic HTML doesn't take too long. I started off with no experience or training, and now I can create fairly decent websites.

If you want to cheat a little bit, there is an application called SeaMonkey. Its very similar to the old Netscape Communicator Suite, in which you can edit websites using a graphical interface. Its an easy way to edit and create webpages, and it doesn't require much HTML knowledge :)
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