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"Checkout" Onclick code displayed in preview

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"Checkout" Onclick code displayed in preview

przez Theory-Y » Śr gru 23, 2015 11:40 pm

I'm using ONCLICK code in my home page so that Google Analytics can count the clicks that occur on the two links on my home page. But for some reason a piece of the code is being displayed in preview mode. It displays the CHECKOUT code as clickable text in preview. I don't want that. I already have the URL on the home page which works just fine. How can I stop the displaying of this code. I've attached a screen shot of the bad preview page along with the overall code. Thanks in advance!!! Below is the ONCLICK and CHECKOUT code.

<div id="frag_26" __AddCode="here" style="position:absolute;left:1210px;top:694px;width:52px;height:44px;/*Add Style*/">
<a href=""onclick="trackOutboundLink(''); return false;">Check out</a>
<a href="" onclick="trackOutboundLink(''); return false;">Check out</a>


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Re: "Checkout" Onclick code displayed in preview

przez nanoverso » Cz gru 24, 2015 7:36 pm

What development tool are you using? Have you checked in different browsers to see if it's okay?
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