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iframes? - need to post content to 148 URL's from 1 source

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iframes? - need to post content to 148 URL's from 1 source

przez Blank_Stare » Cz paź 22, 2015 8:58 pm

I can't seem to get iframe to work on eBay, unless I use one specific URL - which is the URL where I found the code in the first place...

<iframe src="">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

If I change it to anything else, say, it doesn't work.
I also do not see a way to resize it, to fit my needs.

What I want to do is create a single page that has all of my eBay terms and conditions listed, and then link every eBay listing to that URL, so that if I need to make a change, I can simply change the master source, one time, instead of hundreds of times, one eBay listing at a time.

I've never used iframes before, and I am not a web-professional.
I'm just a guy that's been dabbling with authoring web pages for about 15 years, but never anything real complicated.

I do all my authoring in a simple text editor (usually notepad), rather than a wysiwyg program, like dreamscrape.

I'm not even sure that iframes is the right way to go, so I am open to suggestions.

As long as I can host my text, and make edits to it, without having to go back to each eBay listing and make an edit, I should be good.
If I can also actually host my text in a "pretty" webpage, that includes graphics and formatting, that would be ideal.

Be gentle, please, I'm old, and slow....LOL!!!

Thank you,

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Re: iframes? - need to post content to 148 URL's from 1 sour

przez Farhin Qureshi » Pt lut 10, 2017 12:09 pm

Thats right iframe is not allowing to link the google page because of whatsoever reason it might be ,but instead of trying this you can directly use the <a href=""> tag for this.
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Farhin Qureshi

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Farhin Qureshi
.NET Developer

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