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HTML need help...please,thank

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HTML need help...please,thank

przez HarrySeah » Wt paź 13, 2015 11:48 am

hi there,im sorry for here first...sorry for my bad English , i hope you guys can understand what i mean and give me helpful for there.
hello , im a fresh man in HTML 5, and i still studying for there, honestly one of the friend want to birthday on soon and i want to give her a gift/present is my design and created the webpage. so for here my problem is how to without the whole folder but still can link ,connecting every things, as i know ,when our want to create a webpage so will create a folder is mean the root folder ,so the index.htm (the main page) will inside that and include other sources ,such as audio,video,image,css file,other htm file(other webpage by design and created by myself) also. like a child of the root folder . so i was sure to work when i open the index.htm to link to anything ,can run or execute every things like play the video ,audio ,display the image file . because the main page inside the root folder and i used the relative path to wrote it to connected ,link.For my question is ,how i can without the full things , i mean the whole folder sources things by use it only the main page to show every things. is mean that ,because i want send to my friend as a gift , so i am just send it the main page to her and call her to download and open it to see ,but also can use in the main page can go to other webpage too ,and also can play the video file ,all file of it. how can i without send the whole folder to her just only use the main page (only the one page ) and can link and go to different webpage too ?
thank you so much for your guys to help me>< thank ...
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Re: HTML need help...please,thank

przez abhiup81 » Wt paź 20, 2015 12:45 pm

I would recommend you to use WordPress and a suitable theme insted of custom HTML built site as it can be quite easy as well as beneficial in the long run.
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